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Bitcoin is a digital currency that is open to the entire world.  It has entered into the US currency market  to great applause as an alternative stable currency to the questionable behavior and ethics of the current US Financial  System.  Although Bitcoin has millions of worldwide owners enjoying an aggressive fluctuation rate  based off of supply and demand.  It can only be used where it is accepted by businesses, or bitcoin buyers. Today there are over 100,000  merchants accept bitcoin (  As more and more large US and International companies begin to accept Bitcoin as payment, the US is scrambling to maintain control of its number 1# position as currency global leader. Bitcoin is owned and controlled by the people of the world who own it and all is invited!  

Bitcoin is liquid able to most domestic and international currencies where bitcoin owners exist.  There are many websites for Bitcoin traders (  For example, bitcoin can be transferred into US Currency and released into bank accounts, e-wallets, onto  gift cards, paypal accounts and/or credit/debit cards, etc. to spend how ever desired.

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