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U.S. Citizens   vs   Americans  vs  The Kings

The Unites States Corporation is a business (the incorporated United States defined in  Article I,  section 8, clause 17) .  The objective of a business is to make money.  Taxes, traffic violations, the court system, the prison system all set up and organized to collect money to sustain the system put in place to protect its American citizens.  Does this system serve each citizen justly, or do you see a difference from one person to another?  Why does a public official violate some  and not others?  What are the differences in the citizens who are violated and the Americans whose rights are protected?  Even more so, what class of citizen are you?  Let’s distinguish...

Citizen of the United States of America

  • First class citizen.

  • Private Citizen.

  • "Free born Citizen of the several States."

  • Individual  whose  inalienable  rights  are  recognized, secured, and protected by the various State Constitutions against State actions  and against  federal intrusion by the Constitution for the United States of America(1787).

Citizen of the United States

  • Second Class Citizen; The 14th Amendment federal  citizen.

  • Public Citizen.

  • Has congressionally   granted privileges, these privileges are secured against a debt of submission to the morality legislated by Congress.   A U. S. Citizen is a taxable entity such as any other corporation, and is subject to pay an excise tax for the privileges that Congress has granted them.

  • They do not have unalienable common rights recognized,  secured and protected in the Constitutions of the States,  or of  the United  States of America (1787), such as allodial rights  to  property,  the  right  to  inheritance,  the unalienable rights  to work  and contract,   the right to travel, life, liberty and happiness among many others.


If you have found that you are a US Citizen, you have been classified as an immoral person who has entrusted the congress to manage the business of you because you don’t know how.  You didn’t even know that the U.S. set up a Trust in your name at birth and attached a security number to keep track of your income and behavior.  If you are immoral, you can't be trusted and who wants to do business with you. If you don’t know your rights and/or prepared to stand up for those rights when violated/challenged, how can you operate in the land of the FREE.  The private world does not want any slackers on their team, and the road to freedom is not a short one. You will be tested every step of the way.  Your ignorance means big profits for the U.S. Corporation and you are a "wireless mass consumption unit" making them millions every year no matter your tax bracket.  Before you make a decision to move forward, are you prepared to release the social security number that allows you to operate in the voluntary slave system that you have grown a custom to your entire life.  For some of you this information may mean the difference between life and death.  Its one thing to want freedom, its another to operate in it.  The information provided for you to move forward in freedom is organized by a small private community that operates in the standards of  self love, self knowledge, trust, truth and light. You are not alone.

May the force  of light be with you and May all beings be happy.




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